August 13, 2010

A Study of Neal Adams' BATMAN Art in Comics

OK, this is sort of the ultimate in comic book nerdage right here but somebody actually took the time to study the differences between many different printings of some classic Neal Adams & Dick Giordano BATMAN art. Mainly, the famous kiss of Bruce Wayne & Talia ( Ra's Al Ghul's Daughter ). The examples show the coloring techniques used each different time period, the separate printing methods, & different formats ( standard comics & modern graphic novels ). If you study them for a little while you can see that the tiny differences create an adverse effect. The four pictures represent:
  1. Batman #244 (1972)
  2. The Saga of Ra's Al Ghul (1987)
  3. Tales of the Demon (1991)
  4. Tales of the Demon (2008)
Personally, I like the example from the 1970's. I mean, why mess with perfection! ( Thanks to Jerry for sending the cool pics ).

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Chris said...

Ha -- you probably didn't realize that the creator of this image is a reader of your blog.

I originally put this image together about a year ago for a forum discussion about recoloring comics. It reminded me of a Worhol silkscreen. I thought it was interesting enough to share so I uploaded it to to Flickr and Facebook for others to see.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

If you or any of your readers is interested in a larger version of the source you can find it where I originally uploaded it here: