August 16, 2010

New Retro-Style BATMAN School Supplies & Wal-Mart Exclusive Action Figures!

Our good friend THE BATFAN went on a wacky Batman shopping spree the other night & found some really great stuff at Wal-Mart. Shown here are some amazing school supplies with Vintage Retro-Style Batman Comic Book graphics! Now before you start to think you're seeing double, one set are some folders & the other ones are spiral notebooks. I thought I would show them both because they're just so beautiful, seriously, I love the artwork on these!! The one on the left is Carmine Infantino & the one on the right is Neal cool is that!?! Then I guess he hit the action figure aisle & found this Wal-Mart EXCLUSIVE DC Universe Action Figure Set of the Dynamic Duo, Batman & Robin! I really like these figures & the packaging is pretty awesome. Now, THE BATFAN found a few more items while there ( mainly clothes ) & I'll be posting those pics later so be sure to stay tuned to the Bat-Blog! Also, if any other of YOU readers out there spot any brand-new Bat-Merchandise then please send us some information. The main focus of this site is sharing the love of collecting the Dark Knight. ( Thanks for the great pics BATFAN! )

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