August 20, 2010

New BATMAN CLOTHING For Children To Look For at Wal-Mart

I stay awake at night tossing & turning because I worry if Wal-Mart is making enough money. So, I decided to do this post to help them out, ha ha! No, not really, actually our good friend THE BATFAN recently went on a wacky crazy shopping spree & found a lot of very cool Batman merchandise he wanted to share. Now, he mostly buys toys & other cool bat-collectibles, but when he came across these kid's clothes with these amazing Batman graphics, he HAD to get them! What you see here is an almost complete outfit ( at least for the Summer Swimming Pool ). Here's a Batman Baseball Cap & Swim Trunks. They both feature vintage 1980's comic book artwork by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez! Anybody familiar with this artist knows how good his stuff is. I like the hat but the graphics on the shorts are really really great! Too bad they're only children-sized or else I would buy a pair for myself. I wanna thank BATFAN for shooting these pics & also invite other readers to send in theirs. Have YOU found any cool brand-new Batman items recently? If so then please feel free to send us some photos, or if you can't then just let us know the "what & where", thanks!

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