August 3, 2010

Harley Quinn Meets The JOKER, Mark Hamill

OK, I gotta admit, right now, that I am totally & completely super-jealous!! Why? Well, our friend Caroline got to meet Mark Hamill at this year's SD Comic Con, that's why! You might know him. He played the JOKER in Batman: The Animated Series. He also played the same character in the Batman: Arkham Asylum Video Game, among others. He also played a guy named Luke Skywalker in some movie called Star Wars, which I hear is excellent. Arrrgghh! Caroline, I'm so very very JEALOUS!! Ha Ha, actually it's really great that she got to meet him & I wanna thank her for allowing me to post this wonderful photo. Also, as a side-note, her Harley Quinn Make-Up and Costume is awesome!


SK said...

That's so cool to meet Luke and of course of the voice behind the Joker! (Can't believe they went with a different voice for Under a Red Hood)

Avril Tron said...

Im so Jealous too :'(. want to hug Joker too