August 18, 2010

FUNKO BATMAN BATMOBILE Wacky Wobbler Bobble Car Toy

OK, I know that I have reported this news to death but I just got some very cool pics of this new FUNKO TOYS product & I wanted to share them. So this will be a very quick post. Here's an Official Photo of the "Wacky Wobbler Bobble-Car" showing the retro-style Batman & Batmobile in all their glory, pretty awesome! The next 2 pics show the original prototypes of this toy, in both the black & blue versions. Yes, this toy will be created in two colors to make us buy them both, ha ha! But if you just bought one, which color do you like the best? ( Yes, I know I don't have a finished pic of the black one so you'll have to use your imagination ). Personally, I'm totally digging the "blue one", because it reminds me of the Vintage SUPER POWERS Toy by Kenner.

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Anonymous said...

The Black Batman in the Black Batmobile was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive 2010. The Blue Batman in the Blue Batmobile is the mass release version.