August 26, 2010

Batman's New Mission - Fighting Cavities!

There's a brand-new toothbrush in town & I guarantee it will make your morning routine a lot happier, the "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" Toothbrush by Reach! There are 2 different sets to collect & each set has 2 toothbrushes. One has the Red Tornado & Batman, the other features the Blue Beetle & Batman. Then, each set has a brush with Batman alone & I like that they're each a different version. Then at least, if you buy both sets then you're not buying a marketing there. Our friend BATFAN found these the other night & I wanna thank him for sending the wonderful photo. If any other Bat-Blog Readers come across any cool new merchandise then please let us know. Now - FIGHT THOSE CAVITIES!

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