July 14, 2010

PARODY, BAT TO THE FUTURE - 1966 BATMAN Tribute Comic Book by Rob Archey

Check it out, here's a brand-new comic book that I know all serious Batman Fans will totally love! It's called PARODY, BAT TO THE FUTURE and was written & drawn by Rob Archey. The book is amazing! Now, Rob was generous enough to send me a Review Copy but my major warning was that I would have to be totally honest about it. He went ahead & sent it to me anyway, ha! Oh man, I'm glad he did. First off, I was sort of shocked by the high quality of the book. The color cover is of a thick glossy stock and the 50 pages within are quality paper, as well. The inside is totally black & white but it doesn't take away from the piece at all. Like I said, the artwork is really great! Plus, oh my god, there's FIFTY PAGES! But the thing that ties it all together though is the story. The storyline is very clever & unique. Plus, it's just extremely fun to read. The basic premise ( No Spoilers Here ) is that Batman, Robin, Joker, plus a few other characters, are totally done in the style of the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. They all think & act completely like they did in the classic series, with their personalities intact & everything. But, because of an evil trap set-up by another villain, they are all transported to the future, the year 2012. Everything in this time is dark & gritty. It's an interesting concept & there are a TON of references to both the '66 TV Show, more modern day comics, & movies like Tim Burton's BATMAN and Christopher Nolan's version ( yeah, there's a little "Schumacher" in there as well ). In fact, many Batman Fans will recognize a lot of them & be totally delighted. The good thing is that it's not an overly done gimmick. Rob just sprinkles some interesting Bat-History here & there and most of the time it's pretty funny. Overall the book has a sort of "campy feeling" about it, perfectly reflecting the spirit of the '66 TV show. Plus, when they're in the future, that time seems different, so there is a very literal shift in both time & attitude. Sorry if I'm not explaining that very well but it's a really neat experience when reading the book. So, overall, I guess I highly recommend this fan-made book. You can get your copy by emailing Rob directly at robarchey@yahoo.com. The price is $6.99 per book with $3.00 shipping and handling. He has a PayPal account or you can send a money order. Please note if you want the book personalized and signed inside. I guess I should make clear that I'm not getting paid in any way for this book review. It's just that it's a very well made product that I know a lot of Batman Fans will really really enjoy, thanks.

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ozz said...

Based on what you've shown us and what you've written, I do think this would be a pretty entertaining read.