July 29, 2010

DC Universe Batman Action Figure of the Gray Ghost!

Oh yeah, at this year's 2010 San Diego Comic Con there was a lot of news about brand-new Batman toys & action figures that will be coming out later this year but my favorite thing is the fact that Mattel, in their DC Universe line, will be coming out with "The Gray Ghost"! He was a character created during the TV run of Batman: The Animated Series & appeared in an episode called "Beware the Gray Ghost". It's one of my all time favorites! It was a really great story but the cool thing was that they got Adam West to do the voice acting for that character. It was really a big deal at the time. You know, to sort of have West come back to the "Batman world". Basically, the Gray Ghost was an old time TV series that a young Bruce Wayne, as a small child, loved to watch with his Father & it inspired him deeply. In fact, after becoming Batman, he used his memory of the floor design to the "Gray Ghost's Lair" to design the total look of the Batcave. In other words, the Gray Ghost was Batman's childhood hero. The story had some interesting angles like showing the life of the "Gray Ghost" actor in modern times & how he was always broke & having a hard time paying the rent. He thought he was a has-been, but all the while he never knew how important he was to so many people who grew up watching his show. It was a very heartwarming side-story, sort of a cautionary tale. Anyways, just check out the photo of the figure, it's AWESOME! Also, for fun I posted this video down below of a Fox TV promo for the "Beware the Gray Ghost" episode.

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ozz said...

That was a good episode. It's cool that West was able to be involved.