July 17, 2010

Carlos Tries To Steal The Original 1989 Batmobile!

Here's a photo of our friend Carlos. He got to see the original Batmobile car from the 1989 BATMAN movie at the Six Flags Theme Park in Texas!! OK, I just meant for the title to this post to be a joke. Carlos DID NOT TRY to steal the '89 Batmobile! But you know he wanted too. See how he's all ready to leap under that roped-fence thing? I bet he saw a Security Guard at the last minute & then pretended like, "Oh, I'm just getting my picture taken...I'm not doing anything", ha ha! Thanks Carlos for sending us this wonderful photo & I'm just teasing about you being a thief. I'm just jealous because I have never got to see this beautiful custom movie car in real life, ha!

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Everett said...

Man, that car is just too awesome. There is one such similar car located in the Hollywood Casino in Robinsonville, MS. Every time I'm in the area I stop to look at it.

My wife says every time "You've already seen it. It's not going to change or anything."

Transforming Batmobile. Now there's a nifty gadget. I WANT!