July 13, 2010

BATMAN ODYSSEY - Photos of Neal Adams Appearance at Midtown Comics, New York City

The Bat-Blog reported awhile back about the fact that Neal Adams was going to be at Midtown Comics in New York City ( Times Square ) & that he would be signing copies of his brand-new BATMAN: ODYSSEY #1. I know a lot of people went because of this report so that's cool. I'm kinda bitter that NYC is so far away form me, ha ha! Anyways, here's some great photos sent in by our friend BatDave. He went with his girlfriend & friend, who are both total bat-fanatics. They all had a great time! The pics show Neal Adams signing BatDave's copy of the book. It looks like he was using a silver-colored Sharpie Pen, which looks great on that cover. Yes, I'm totally jealous, ha ha! But I'm glad BatDave got a signed copy because I know he's a HUGE fan of Adams' work. Plus, I appreciate him sending these wonderful pictures. They're really fun to see. All the other reports I have got from people about the event all say that Neal Adams was extremely gracious & very fun to be around. They all said he was a very nice guy, very talkative. So, that's cool!

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