July 26, 2010

Batman BAT-MITE Pop Art Painting by Javier Hernandez

BAT-MITE! OK, I just saw this painting the other night & I have to sort of show it off...mainly because it's done by done by my good buddy Javier Hernandez and it's pretty cool. He did it as a donation for the Shel Dorf Artist Fund. Shel Dorf recently died & he was responsible for creating the San Diego Comic Con some 40 years ago. Now, you might have heard of Javier before. He does an indy comic book called "El Muerto", it's cool. Check out his website, right HERE!

1 comment:

Javier Hernandez said...

Hey Tommy, thanks for sharing this with your readers! It was fun painting ol' Bat-Mite. The classic Dick Sprang-era Batman are still some of my favorite Bat-comics to look at.