July 3, 2010

60's BATMAN MOVIE BATCOPTER Live at The New Jersey State Fair!

Shown up above are some amazing photos sent in by our friend BatDave. He recently went to the New Jersey State Fair where they have the Original 1960's BATCOPTER from the Batman TV Series Movie!! He said he didn't ride it this year but he did get some great pics of this classic bat-vehicle ( As always, click on them for larger versions ). He even came across a wonderful Freak Show Banner with "The HUMAN BAT", that is a total parody of the character, AWESOME! The NJ Fair is actually still going on right now until July 5th, 2010. The cost of riding in the helicopter is $30.00. I once rode in one of these bell-copters ( not the Batman one ) and the experience is well worth the price. Seriously, it's incredible! Here's a link to the NJ Fair website, just click HERE!

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