June 18, 2010

Xavier's Cool BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD Birthday Cake!

Our good friend Xavier recently had a birthday & he got this extremely awesome Batman Birthday Cake. Oh man, I am so jealous! Seriously, this thing is so cool! It's the version of Batman from the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD animated series, which is great because I really love that TV cartoon. OK, just for fun, I made a Batman Wallpaper of the image from the cake ( I hope Xavier likes it but other Bat-Blog Fans can enjoy it too ). Oh yea, before I end this post I can't forget to tell Xavier, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Dude, I hope you got some cool stuff!"

If any other readers get any bat-cakes this year please send us some pics.

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Anonymous said...

What type of frosting was used to make this cake?