June 7, 2010

Video - BATMAN FOREVER Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alright, I don't want to be flamed with negative comments about this post, please. I know, I know that this is one of the "Schumacher Films" but it is a part of bat-history. So, here we go! This is the TV commercial that appeared on the VHS Video Tape of the 1995 BATMAN FOREVER movie. It's for the film's music soundtrack. There are a few very small samples of music in it. Now, while doing this post, I went to Amazon to research it a little bit I found out that they have a flash player embedded on their site where you can listen to longer ( better ) samplings of the songs. That's kinda cool. Plus, I noticed that you can buy this CD ( used ) for one penny! Yes, 1 cent! Now, that's a good deal right there, ha ha! Here's a link if ya wanna check it out, just click HERE!

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