June 26, 2010

Original 1966 TOPPS BATMAN TRADING CARD ART by Norman Saunders

Here's an extremely cool photo I found awhile back while researching some major "Pop Culture Collectibles" auction. In one of their lots they had some original comic art done by Norman Saunders ( Click on it for a larger, sharper, version ). Of course he's the ultra-famous illustrator for many of the vintage trading cards made by TOPPS back in the 1960's & 70's. This photo shows the original art (custom framed) with 2 actual 1966 Batman Trading Cards. This is card #1B & features "The Joker's Icy Jest". The weird thing is that you can see that the artwork is only a little bigger than the actual card, very cool! But regardless of size, it's an incredible piece of art....a total masterpiece! I never checked back on this thing to see what it went for. I mean, what's the use? I knew it would be totally out of my price range, ha ha! Whoever owns it now is an extremely lucky person.


david_b said...

No, I made something like that for my den at home.. I matted the 'rooftop' '66 pin-up and placed my three favorite cards underneath it under glass. It looks pretty cool. I'll have to fish out a picture of it if I have one here (I'm stationed in Kuwait right now...).

Great site!

ozz said...

Why isn't the Joker's ear or hands white?