June 27, 2010

Art - Chris Mason's ADAM WEST TRIBUTE Painting

Our good buddy Chris Mason recently did an amazing painting of Adam West as Batman, sort of like a "tribute". I mean, Adam West is a total ICON! Don't believe me? Well, Check out the 2nd photo showing Adam West's STAR at the "Walk of Stars" in Palm Springs...that's proof right there! If you read it, it says, ICON, ha! ( Thanks to Chris for allowing me to post this wonderful artwork ).


SK said...

Cool artwork.
Adam West is the classic campy Batman.

Chris Mason said...

Thanks as always for the post!
I have a number of Adam West BATMAN pieces for sale - please feel free to contact me if you are interested!


ozz said...

The painting is a cool piece of art, but in my opinion, it doesn't look like Adam West. Those don't look like his eyes.