May 9, 2010

Hong Kong BATMAN Comic Books

Super Happy Fun Time! Here's an assortment of some wacky BATMAN BOOTLEG Comic books from Hong Kong. I say "bootleg" because I don't think they got publishing rights from DC Comics. The artwork is totally crazy & done in a very Manga-type style. I'm not sure what year they came out but I have to guess 1960's or at least 1970's. I say that because the monster on the 1st cover reminds me of Jack Kirby's art. Plus, is that Ultraman on one of the covers? Weird! I also like that they ripped-off Superman, ha ha! Either way I totally love the graphics!

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Blog into Mystery said...

Thanks for sharing these. You're right about the first cover - the monster looks like it's stepping off of one of the pre-superhero Marvel covers.