April 29, 2010

BATMAN-INSPIRED ART - Arts and Crafts Project

I love when creative people become inspired by Batman & make a few items to decorate their house with, that's cool! Here's some photos sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Ben showing a few things that he & his Girlfriend have crafted. The 1st one shows a Batman Effigy Pot they made. Now, I think this thing is totally cool visually but I was wondering, "What is an Effigy Pot?". So, I did some quick research & found out that "Effigy Pots are Jars, Bowls, Bottles or Vessels made in the shape of humans or mythological figures. They have been made for 1000's of years & are thought to have healing powers". Cool! I guess some Bat-Blog Readers are gonna learn a little Art History today, I did, ha ha! The next item is something most of us are pretty familiar with. It's a large Stained Glass Window piece & this one has a beautiful Bat-Symbol Logo on it. To be specific, it's the one from the current Christopher Nolan movies ( Batman Begins & The Dark Knight ). This thing is awesome! I bet if this were hung somewhere that sunlight could shine through it it would be really striking. Actually, both items are really really great & I want to thank Ben for sending these pics into us. You guys made some very cool stuff!

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totally awesome!