April 19, 2010

BATMAN FAST FOOD PROMO! Taco Bell - DC Comics 75th Anniversary

DC Comics has teamed-up with Taco Bell Restaurants to celebrate their 75th anniversary. There's a brand-new "DC Comics 75" Taco Bell Kid's Meal where you get an HUGE 3-D Color Poster, 3D Glasses, and a 3D Punch-Out Superhero Scene featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern! Down below are some examples of the Batman Premium ( which is the character we all care the most about, ha ha! ). Thanks to MATT for giving us the heads-up about this new fast food promo & also for sending the cool photos!


ozz said...

So we can go into our local Taco Bell and get some Batman stuff now, or is this happening later?

Anonymous said...

its happening now!