March 15, 2010

Wicket Toys THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie HOT TOYS Collection

I have some friends over on MySpace called Wicket Toys. Their real names are Jon & Andrea and their hobby is to photograph & share their cool toy collection. They mainly seem to focus on the HOT TOYS Figures but they love a ton of other collectibles too. They recently sent me these pics of their Batman Toy Collection ( click on it for a larger version ). The top one features their HOT TOYS figures from THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie. I really want that TWO-FACE doll & the ones of the JOKER are really great too. OK, they're ALL super-awesome! The bottom pic shows some of their Action Figures & Vehicles. If you look, you can also see a few toys from the recent TERMINATOR movies, & Hey! Is that NEO from the Matrix?! ( Kinda hard to tell but it looks like him, ha ha! ) If you would like to see more of their toy collection then just check out their MySpace page sometime. Here's a link, click HERE!