February 1, 2010

Ken's "1939 BATMAN" Custom Toy Mego Doll Action Figure

OK, This Custom Mego Doll has "WIN" written all over it!! Our friend Ken, who we know from the Mego Museum Forum, sent us these wonderful pics of an action figure he recently completed. His idea was "What if the Mego Toy Company were making their World's Greatest Superhero Figures at the time when Batman 1st came out in 1939, what would the toy look like?"...well, here it is! I don't think I need to post any vintage graphics from the Golden Age Comic Books to show how accurate this thing is. It's so cool! It not only represents "1939 BATMAN", but it also follows the general "design rules" of Mego. I totally love this thing! Thanks Ken for sending the pics & you did a great customization here, keep up the good work! If there are any other Bat-Blog readers out there who like to get creative every now & then please send us some pics. It can be Drawings, Paintings, Custom Toys, anything Artistic!

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ozz said...

Pretty cool!