February 20, 2010

Homemade Batmobile - John's 1997 Cougar Batman Car!

OK, ya gotta love it when people customize their car into a Batmobile...it's wacky! Here are some fun photos from a guy I met online named John. He did some custom work on a 1997 Cougar & made it into the Ultimate Bat-Car! As you can see from the very 1st photo chicks totally dig the ride. Yes, there is a car in that photo (look to the right). Now in the next pic you can see the custom upholstery with the Bat-Logo on the seats. I like that everything inside is black & grey. Plus,I totally love that futuristic steering wheel, very cool! The next 2 shots show the outside of the car. You can really see the custom paint job with the Bat-Symbol on the sides & the hood. I guess it's important to say that they were shot while on a road trip up & down Route 66. Some pics were shot at the Texas border & the other one was in the mountains. I wanna thank john for allowing us to show off his cool Bat-Car & also invite all other Bat-Blog Readers who have made some Custom Batman stuff to send your pics in too.

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