January 28, 2010


Here are some really great pics I thought I would share today. You know, to totally torture you, ha ha! This is an extremely cool vintage 1960's toy that I bet some of you might have had this when you were a small child. This is the BATMAN HOT LINE BATPHONE!! It came out during the craze of the 1966 Batman TV Show & kids at that time totally loved it! It was made by the Classic Toy Company, LOUIS MARX & CO. It's a battery-operated device where, when you press a button, it would say 10 different sayings or phrases - stuff like, "We can never let the people down!, This is our kind of fight!, Depart in haste - Boy Wonder!, They'll never remove the bat mask!, Go thaw Mr. Freeze!, & (my favorite) Go ZAP those greasy criminals!" I wonder if there's a YouTube video of the TV Commercial ( if they made a TV ad ) or maybe somebody created a MP3 of the sounds, who knows? It would be great to hear them again. By the way, these pics were sent to me by a friend to totally torture me. You see, he knows that I don't have this thing & I really want one. Thanks Jim, you made me cry. I hope you're happy now, ha ha!


deaconnecessary said...

Well Tommy, you did torture me! I had one of those when I was a wee bat-fan of three. I got it for Christmas in '66!
Great Gotham! I wish I still had mine!

ozz said...

I wonder who did the voice for the phone.

sambolo1 said...

I still have mine any idea what it's worth? I also have a gumby jeep from about the same era. Can anyone tell me something about it?