December 29, 2009

Photo: BATMAN TATTOO ART - Bat-Symbol Logo

WOW, Since we have not posted a Batman Tattoo Photo in awhile I thought it would be a good idea to do one today! This photo was sent to us by a new friend we met at MySpace. His page is called "WicketToys" & he is totally into photography. He's also a Major Toy Collector. His main focus seems to be the line of Hot Toys Figures. But, wait a minute, back to the Bat-Tattoo, haha! As you can see by the photo, it's a small "Bat-Symbol Logo" on the back of his neck. I like the clean design, very simple. I wanna thank him for allowing us to publish his pic & if you're curious about his work then please be sure to visit his Flickr page where you can see some of his Collectible Toy Photography. It's located right HERE!

1 comment:

Wicket® Toy & Collectible Photography said...

Thank you so much man, it means a lot. Ive been reading the famous bat-blog for some time now. Thanks for spotlight. =]