October 26, 2009

Jason's CUSTOM BATMAN MEGO DOLL - 8" Action Figure!

Everybody who grew-up in the 1970's has fond memories of a toy line called MEGO. They made a lot of Superhero Toys that have now become classic. These things are getting a lot harder to find now. But something that has happened in the last few years is that people are totally into customizing them. Well, they're not ruining ones that are in good shape, that would be bad, but on occasion you find them totally wasted & that's what they use. I think it's really cool. I love when people are creative like this & sometimes the result of these custom figures is extremely cool & very clever. Here's a very good example: Our friend Jason sent us some photos of an Adam West 1966 Batman TV Show MEGO Doll he put together. He got the fake Blister Card from one source, the clothing from another, & so on. Then he made this awesome Batman figure!! The details are wonderful. It's a total fantasy-piece, because MEGO TOYS never made this, but it would have been so great if they did! The figure measures about 8" tall & comes with a Bat-Suit Costume, Head Cowl, Boots, Gloves, & a Bat-Belt!! I also love the packaging. It looks so authentic & seeing the photos of the characters is really cool. I wanna thank Jason for sending these incredible photos & if any other Bat-Blog Fans out there are into making Custom Toys of any kind then please sen us your pics. Our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page.


Manny said...

Where can I commission one of these?

demoncat said...

that thing is cool looking to bad the same clearance rights that keep the show off of dvd includes the rights to ever make toys of the show. for that would have been one cool Mego to have