October 27, 2009

THE DARK KNIGHT Batman and Joker ECKO UNLTD. Zip-Up Hoodie with Masks

Some big fashion news right now is that Ecko Unltd. designed some new Batman ( The Dark Knight ), Joker ( Heath Ledger version ), Kiss ( Gene Simmons ), Jason ( Friday The 13th ), Jigsaw ( Saw Movie ) Zip-Up Hoodies with Masks. These just came out & they are truly Limited Edition so if ya want one you should do it quickly. My guess is that the one of The Joker will sell out first because it's the most interesting of the bunch. The deal about these hoodies is that you can have a regular hoodie ( that's open-faced, or you can zip it up all the way & it creates a mask to keep your face warm. Here's some photos of The Joker & Batman Hoodies. Now, I guess I gotta explain that when I went to their website to get the photos for this they only had the one picture of the Batman Hoodie. The day before they had many different pics & then they were down. I think it was a temporary glitch so if you're interesting in seeing what the back looks like then just click HERE!


nikita said...

is there any way that joker hoodie come be sent to denmark!? :(

ozz said...

Kinda cool how the font in the first hoodie's "HAHA" resembles the font used in the old CBGB logo.