October 23, 2009

Custom Toys: COMIC BOOK BATMAN Mighty Muggs Figures

I recently got a very nice letter from a Batman Fan in the Philippines named Nico. He sent these wonderful photos of 2 Custom Batman Mighty Muggs Figures he customized & painted to look like 2 different versions of the Dark Knight. The 1st one is styled after Jim Lee's artwork & the 2nd one is inspired by Alex Ross. I gotta say that they are both so totally GREAT that it's really hard to choose a favorite! Thank you Nico for sending these in, you did an amazing job on both of them. I think that if you had not told me about the different comic book artist's styles you used that I still would have been able to recognize their influence. Bat-Blog Readers, if you would like to see more of this very talented artist's work then please click HERE!

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toyboy said...

thank you for posting my entries to your blog! I really appreciated it! More power to your blog!