October 20, 2009

BATMAN Hallmark Stores 2009 Christmas Ornament - Descending Upon Gotham

For 2009 Hallmark is going to have another Batman-themed Christmas ornament this year & it looks pretty cool! The thing I like about it is that it is the "Silver Age Comic Book" version with the yellow-oval bat-symbol logo on the chest. It measures about 4 1/2" tall & will have a retail price of $15.00. We reported on this thing awhile back but I recently found a way better picture of it. Plus, it's closer to the time when it will actually be in stores so I thought I would do a re-post to remind everybody. So...keep an eye out for it on your next trip!


chunky B said...

I missed this one, that is a nice pose and everything.

Daniel O'Daniel said...

Hey Tommy just letting you know the ornament is out already. I got mine a month ago. Your readers should get one soon before they're gone!