August 29, 2009


A new friend named Lauren, who just recently discovered this site, sent me a really nice letter saying how much she enjoys the Bat-Blog & you know I always love that! Well, She was also nice enough to send some really wonderful photos of an "Animated Batman Lamp" she recently bought. The thing is extremely cool! When you push a button on the base it lights-up, plays the 1989 Batman movie theme song, & then a fan blows his cape to make him look regal & majestic, ha ha! Oh man! How cool is that?! Then, when I e-mailed her to ask where she got it she said Amazon & then, because she was so excited about how cool this thing is, she made a video to show the functions of the lamp ...WOW! Thank you very very much Lauren! This thing is so awesome it really makes me want to get one tonight, ha ha! If any other readers would like to purchase one then all I ask is that you use the link button down below. For every sale I will probably make about 10 cents, ha ha! But really, I just think this is an amazing new piece of Bat-merchandise. Thanks again Lauren...YOU ROCK!


Dark Knight said...

Espectacular la lampara! Me encanto :)

LissBirds said...

That's pretty cool!!

I see Batman is standing over a subway grate...I didn't know he was such a big fan of Marilyn Monroe's.

ozz said...

Ha. Fun!