June 26, 2009

Warner Bros Animation Studio Mural with Batman, Robin, Superman, & Other Characters

My good friend Dave sent us these photos he found of the Warner Bros Animation Department Building Billboard Mural. Now, I know I posted this story before, especially when there was a big announcement about it's unveiling, but these pics are really great! They show it both during the day & at night. Now the neat thing about the "night photo" is that all the villains are lit-up from behind giving them an evil look...like they're ghost images, very cool! Thanks Dave for sharing these pictures, I appreciate that...they're awesome! Readers, be sure to click on them for larger, more detailed, photos!


Jennifer said...

This is so great! I was in LA a week or so ago for the Public Enemies premiere and went to the WB backlot tour and saw the mural. It was also so great that after the tour they gave out posters of the mural artwork! I had no ideas the villains came out at night. SOOO neat! Thanks for sharing. :)

Black Bat Inc. said...

very cool!!!