May 19, 2009

SMART BAT: Custom 1966 Batmobile Eco-Car

Awhile back, here at the Bat-Blog, we featured a humor photo of this funny "1966 Batmobile-Inspired" Smart Car. It's totally customized to look like the 1966 Batmobile originally designed by George Barris for the 60's Batman TV Show. Well, our good friend Mike sent us some amazing pics of this crazy thing! The car was recently shown at a Car Show & with these photos we get many more angles of this masterpiece of ART! Oh yeah, I guess I gotta say that I totally love that Catwoman Model, MEOW! Thanks Mike for sending the great pics, YOU ROCK!!


ozz said...

Interesting idea, but why would the Batman's car have a picture of the Joker on it? Motivation? When the Batman sees it, he remembers who he's after and gets all psyched up?!? Ha!

The Batfan said...

Kinda neat I watched this being sold on ebay , cant remember what it went for but I agree Why did they put the crappy ledger joker on a 66 inspired elctrobatmobile GRRR