March 31, 2009

New THE JOKER COP Police Officer MMS DX 1 Figure By HOT TOYS 1/6 Scale

Oh man, this New Joker Cop Figure is totally & completely INSANE!! Hot Toys continues to deliver more superior 1/6 collectibles to you with their new MMS-DX series. The first one will be a new version of The Joker from The Dark Knight Batman movie ( Heath Ledger ). This Police Honor Guard Joker costumes in Gotham City police suit and hat, wearing Gotham City cop badge and holding a M1 Garand Rifle. Moreover, this figure also comes with an interchangeable new make-up head sculpt and an improved original Joker costume with grenades rig. The intensive improvements include: additional suspenders, shirt and jackets, screen-accurate material of purple coat, re-painted shoes, and more... Now, hold your breathe and read this very carefully! The most valuable gimmick of the MMSDX series is the newly invented "Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS)", which features Translucent Iris, Simultaneous Positionable Eyeball Function in all directions, they work naturally like human eyes. With this PERS, you will experience a perfect living 1/6 figure which you have never had! Take a closer look on the prototype images, you can clearly define his black pupil, clear iris and blood vessels on the tiny white eyeballs! Even more good news! A high-end figure stand with LED light-up function as well as a deluxe packaging will be added for all MMSDX collectors. OK, there's not an exact release date on this figure yet but as soon as we know, you know, so stay tuned to the Bat-Blog for more news.


ozz said...

Man, Hot Toys is on quite a hot streak.

So what hasn't been covered in toy form yet? How 'bout the henchman that Dent was going to shoot before the Batman intervened? Has he been turned into an action figure yet? What about The Chechen?

All kidding aside, this is some cool stuff the company is putting out.

Michael said...

Wow, just when I thought they couldn't get more detail in Heath's Joker...

Great site!

J ROCKA said...

sweet crap in a hat! I want that.

Anonymous said...

I really would buy a Chechen if they came out with that, though they would have to add the hungry dogs and SUV.

OMG I thought this was some April 1 foolery, but I checked the Urban Collector site and it really is this great. Want. Seriously.

Of course then they'll come out with Nurse Joker and I'll really want that too.