March 26, 2009

JOKER GIRLS The New Villains of Gotham City

I received this e-mail yesterday, "Hi, I'm sending you some photos of me & my best friend with Joker make-up. It was difficult, this work took about a hour. We are both huge Batman fans and we love the Joker! And we are soooo crazy too, ha ha! We are daily readers of the Bat-Blog, so we are sending you this. It was kind of fun" Thank you "Joker Girls". You did a great job on the make-up effects, it looks great! Also, I appreciate the cool photos too...remember, y'all stay out of trouble!

1 comment:

ozz said...

Aw, come on ladies! Go all the way with the look! Dye that hair green!

I dig the spirit of it all, though.