March 20, 2009

Confessions of a Superhero - Video Documentary Movie

Recently there was a Documentary Film I wanted to see but it had very limited distribution & I missed it. Well, I'm pretty happy to say that now it is on the Hulu website & you can watch it for free. It's about an 1 1/2 hours long & is pretty fun to watch. The basic story is about these 4 real-life people who make their living working as superheros on Hollywood Boulevard. I thought I should post it here because, besides being a very interesting movie, it has Batman as one of the characters. The four "actors" portray Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, & The Incredible Hulk. I should also add that Ghost Rider, Margot Kidder ( Lois Lane ), & Chewbacca make brief appearances. Here's a link button to check it out, enjoy. Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that since it has a slightly adult theme to it you will have to register with Hulu but it's not a big deal, you can do that in just 5 minutes.
CLICK HERE To Visit the Official HULU Website For The Confessions of a Superhero!


Anonymous said...

It is also on Netflix online streaming. Very good movie

Anonymous said...

This movie is excellent. I've watched it twice.