February 15, 2009

THE DARK KNIGHT Batman Movie HESBURGER Fast Food Restaurant Promotion in Finland

Now that The Dark Knight Batman movie has been out awhile some of the more obscure information about it's promotion is starting to reach us here in the US. Like, I didn't know, that during the film's release in Finland they had a "Happy Meal-Type Set of Toys" in their fast food restaurants called Hesburger. I mean, I have NEVER even heard of Hesburger! ( It looks a lot like McDonalds or Burger King ). Anyway, they had a set of 5 promo toys for The Dark Knight. The ONLY information I have is some of the graphics from their old website but I can't read anything there because it's totally in Finnish. I think it happened a few months ago & I do know that right now they are hyping the new Pink Panther 2 movie so these TDK Toys are not out now. If there are any English-speaking Bat-Blog Readers who understand Finnish, or know of Hesburgers, then please let me know. The toys seem kinda cool but are also sort of generic. I can't make them all out from just the photo but a few items look like a Velcro-Ball Dart Board Game, maybe a Small Bat-Shaped Kite, a Paddle Game ( the kind where you catch velco-balls on a piece of cloth material-covered disks ), a Dark Knight Hacky Sack ( very cool, I love Hacky! ), & maybe a small Soccer Ball-Type Ball. Sorry, I can't translate anything at the site & the pictures are kind of vague. But, check out the pic up above & you'll see. I guess I should mention that if there are any readers who live outside the US, and know about any wacky Batman Toys ( fast food or not ) then please let me know so I can share that info. The main purpose of the Bat-Blog is sharing the love of collecting the RARE Batman merchandise!

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