October 28, 2008

EXCLUSIVE 1966 BATMOBILE Hot Wheels Car Avaliable Through Mattel's RED LINE CLUB

Mattel has an Official Hot Wheels Fan Club website online called RED LINE CLUB. If you become a member you can buy a special 1966 Batmobile Car 1:64 Scale ( small, regular-size Hot Wheel car ). It's the George Barris design from the 60's TV Show. This one is an improved version where the black paint is a little more glossy, the tires are different, & the windshield is clear plastic. It's made sort of like how they should have made it in the 1st place, ha ha. I forget the exact details on pricing but to buy the car you have to be a member of the club. The membership is $24.99 & I think the car is around $15.00. Now, here's a link down below if you want to join but you'll only be a member for a few months because it starts over on January so I would wait until then & maybe hunt the car on eBay.


Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to the batmobile ads. I just recently became a fan of the Batman comics, and I was wondering what your thoughts are on Catwoman. It's not often that superheroes have hot enemies.

Mike said...

Somebody belonging to this red club needs to snag me one, and I'll buy it!!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. These are not available at the Hotwheels Collectors Club any longer. They went on sale back in May for a limited time to the Red Line Club members and they are just now shipping to those who ordered them.