October 31, 2008

BATMAN HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN The Dark Knight Joker Movie Poster

We all remember the now classic "Teaser Promo" Movie Poster from The Dark Knight that was a brick wall with graffiti of 2 dark circles for Joker's eyes & a red Bat-Symbol for the mouth. It made a crazy "Joker Face" that let us all know The Joker was coming soon & it also gave a hint that something terrible was gonna happen to Batman ( the "red mouth" looked kinda bloody because the spray paint was running a little bit ). Well, a friend named Paul, who's an avid reader of the Bat-Blog, decided that this was the image he was gonna use for a Jack O'Lantern Halloween Pumpkin this year. So, here's what he made! He drew the design on with some sharpies & then carved a beautiful piece of ART! The finished pumpkin looks great. Thanks Paul for sharing these photos...and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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