September 25, 2008


OK, I never get political here at the Bat-Blog but I thought these pictures were pretty funny & decided to share them. I know that some Republicans are going to be total cry-babies over the "Sarah Palin" parody humor photo of her as the Joker but please remember that it's ONLY a joke. I'm not personally criticizing her or anything. So, don't flood me with e-mails, ok? But, ya gotta admit, it's hilarious! The 2nd photo is an actual piece of Batman merchandise that was made in 1960's. It's a poster of Batman & Robin as Hubert Humphrey & Lyndon B. Johnson ( or, as they say in Texas, LBJ! ). It's extremely RARE & is highly sought-after by both Batman & Political Memorabilia Collectors.


ozz said...

Oh, man! The Palin Joker is beyond hilarious!! I wish I'd seen that during election season! Whomever came up with that is a comic genius!

Nickdoctorwho said...

Oh ye gods...I always thought Sarah Palin looked like the Joker even *without* makeup.