September 24, 2008

BATMAN COLLECTOR in GERMANY Sends Awesome Batman Collection Photos!

I recently got an e-mail from a reader named Iris who wrote, "I'm a Batman-Collector from Germany. The Bat-Blog Site is very good. Here I send you some Photos of my Batman-Item`s. I collect Batman-Item`s from the whole world. I buy Batman-Item`s in America through eBay. My English is not so good, but I hope you understand what I mean." Yes, Iris. I understand. Your English is very good. I understand how hard it is to communicate in another language that you do not speak & I appreciate your effort, good job. WOW! It looks like you have an amazing collection! ( Readers, please click on the above photos for larger versions where you can see a lot of neat stuff ). I recognize a lot of it as American but you also have a nice selection of foreign toys as well. I see a lot of French items, that's cool. These photos are great & thanks again for communicating with us. Please stay in touch. I want to invite ALL the Batman Collectors from around the world to please send us photos of your collections. Sharing the fun of this hobby is what the Bat-Blog is all about!


rexanne said...

I have 2 Todd Oldham dresses designed for Warner Brothers. They are black with green question marks like the jacket jim carrey wore in Batman Forever. I am interested in selling them and wondered if anyone knew the best place to do that at.

Anonymous said...

awesome blog and collections bro....!!!
two thumbs up ! I also a batman's collectors but not as many as our friend from germany.
my name is peter
I'm from jakarta, indonesia