August 31, 2008

Artist Eric Maruscak Creates Batman Mural with Chalk!

If you go to a lot of comic book conventions then you might have been lucky enough to view the "mural" artwork of Eric Maruscak in person. Eric creates HUGE works of art, in chalk, on the sidewalks near many events. The photo up above shows one he did recently. It features The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, & Ironman. He did this both for the love of the characters & to celebrate the fact that there has finally been some really great movies this year. OK, I haven't seen the Indiana Jones movie yet but I can say that Ironman was pretty awesome! And of course you know that I love TDK, ha ha! I'm curious if any other readers have seen this guy's work. If so then please comment down below. Also, if you shot any photos of his stuff then please send it in to us, our e-mail button is always on the top right-hand side of this page, thanks.

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ozz said...

Wow! I wonder how long that took!

By now, of course, we all know who won. Was there every any doubt?!?