July 22, 2008


A new friend to the Bat-Blog, named Kuan, sent us these 2 wonderful photos in response to a previous post where we showed some advertising billboards & banners from New York City for The Dark Knight Batman movie. Kuan lives in Singapore & recently saw some outdoor signs for The Dark Knight. Well, the amazing thing too is that he got some pictures from when the movie Batman Begins was showing there a few years ago! As you can see from the dates on the photos they were both taken on almost the same day but 3 years apart! Wow, how cool is that?! I want to personally thank Kuan for sending in these great pics, Thanks! And while I'm at it, I wanna invite all our other readers to do the same. ( On a side note, I think it's amazing getting communication from a guy all the way in Singapore. I love the internet! )

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