May 18, 2008

EMMA's PAINTINGS: Another Batman-Inspired Artist!

I just made another friend on MySpace who is an artist that really seems to be inspired by Batman! Her name is Emma & she lives in the UK ( Lucky! ). Here are just a few examples of her work. The 1st one is the classic Adam West 1966 TV Guide Cover done on a large canvas. This one is my favorite! The 2nd one is sort of a portrait of Batman but it's main focus is the Bat-Symbol Logo on his chest, a simple design but kinda clever too. The last one uses a promo-shot from the Batman Begins movie & shows Christian Bale in his Bat-Suit looking kinda mean & menacing. You know he's about to kick some ass! She has a lot more work at her MySpace page you might check out. Just visit her site & click on PICS under her profile picture. I've included a link button down below, the colorful icon. Note: You might have to be a MySpace member to view her PICS.

CLICK HERE To View more Batman Paintings Art by Emma!!

1 comment:

ozz said...

Nice artwork. Well done. She does justice to both West and Bale. The idea of the extreme close-up of the Batman's chest is an interesting idea.