March 24, 2008

Vintage Batman Memorabilia From Poland, Germany, & Belgium!

Readers who sorta-kinda know me from reading this blog over the last few years know I am totally goo-goo over the "Foreign Batman Toys", ha ha! So, it's been nice getting a few photos of Bat-Memorabilia from readers around the world. The 1st photo is a very RARE Batman Batmobile Toy shown Mint in Original Box! Our friend Albert sent this, it was made by Polistil & it's from the late 1970's. It's extremely cool. The next photo is from our friend Norbert who lives in Germany. He had originally sent this photo as a response to a request we made for items with the newer Batman Logo but I saved it for now. It's a special German-Issue of Batman which came with an original comic book art sketch on the cover! They need to do that here. The last photo is from a reader in Belgium who wrote that these Batman Cookies were out awhile back but no longer in stores. Oh man, I would love to have a box of these Bat-Cookies! The graphics all around the box are extremely cool! I wanna thank everybody who send these pics & as always, I wanna invite other readers, in or out of the USA, to send us your photos!


Bapho aka Davide Costa said...

the first one is from Italy, the tag means "Car with lights and reverse gear"


Phayart said...

Poland batmobile by Polistil... with italan text?

tomztoyz said...

Sorry for the mis-understanding but the "reader who sent the photo" is from Poland. The toy is from Italy & somehow must have ended up in Poland.

Maybe I wrote it the wrong way in my post & I apologize.