March 23, 2008

Reader Photos: Awesome ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER Vintage Toy & Action Figure Collection!!

It seems that every day new readers are discovering the Bat-Blog ( I love that! ) but what I love more is the fact that a lot of them send in some really great photos, ha ha! This is a perfect example. This morning I got this wonderful e-mail from a new reader:
Hi, this is my first time emailing you, and I was reading through the archives how readers emailed you pictures that would look cool on your website. I have a picture of some of my Robin figures that I thought you'd might be interested in. Most of it are megos, but a few are DC Direct action figures. The strange looking Robin with the weird outfit is a Lily Ledy one ( the Mexican equivalent of a Mego ). It's a pretty cool piece!
And I also have a really neat Non-Magnetic Fly Away Action Mego Robin with artwork that just pops in the back! This figure is pretty rare and I wanted to share it.
And my last picture is a Secret Identity Bruce Wayne Mego figure. These are pretty rare as well and everything on mine is all original EXCEPT the tie, which is a repro. The deal with the secret identity figures is that they were only available exclusively at Montgomery Wards during a short time in 1974. I'll be getting a Dick Grayson Secret Identity one soon so if you want to see a picture of that one feel free to message me back.
Oh yeah, Francine, we wanna see the photos of that Dick Grayson Figure when you get it. Please send it later! Also, thank you very very much for sending these great pics. You have a really awesome collection of Robin Memorabilia here! There's a ton of extremely RARE items & the condition on most of them are very very nice! I appreciate when collectors send photos of their bat-stuff on display. It's really neat to see & I want to invite ALL Bat-Blog Readers to do the same! Oh yeah, Readers, Be sure to click on the photos up above for larger, more detailed, pix!

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