March 28, 2008

Photo: "Golden Age Joker" Batman Graphic Tattoo Art

I just found this really great example of some Batman-Related Tattoo Art. This is a graphic of the "Joker Playing Card" logo from the Golden Age of Batman comics. The tattoo belongs to a friend known as "Montreal_Clown" who resides in, you guessed it, Canada! I think the artist did a very good job. The colors are vivid & sharp...nice, very nice! As a side note I wanna thank the owner for allowing me to post this great pic. I appreciate that & your Joker tattoo looks awesome, a very good choice of imagery!
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1 comment:

DjBlueJ54 said...

i too have golden age joker card tatt, who shall i send a picture of it to? I'd be honored to have it featured on your blog. Thx so much, JaySin