March 22, 2008

KOOL, The Advertising Icon Character That Inspired BOB KANE To Create The Penguin.

A friend to the Bat-Blog recently sent us these 2 photos showing the KOOL CIGARETTES PENGUIN ( Advertising Icon ) & the Batman Comic Book PENGUIN Villain. This Vintage Advertising Character is well known for being the inspiration to Bob Kane for creating the Penguin. If you look at the 2 pics you can see the resemblance. Thanks for sending us the pictures & readers, be sure to send your interesting Bat-photos today!

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Marc Tyler Nobleman, Author of "Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman" said...

Just discovered your blog. By most accounts, Bill Finger created the Penguin. A few that claim this are a Jerry Robinson interview at and an interview with Bill's son that ran in "Alter Ego-The Comic Book Artist Collection," and even an interview with Kane himself in 1989's "Comics Interview Super Special: Batman—Real Origins of the Dark Knight."