February 26, 2008

Batman + Fine Art = Cool!

Our friend Brian sent us this extremely cool Black & White Art Photo that shows Batman waking up & getting out of bed. Apparently, he lives in a super-minimalist house ...Awesome! The next picture was one that I found from an art gallery that had a show of "Blotter Acid Art". Blotter Art is a movement that gained popularity a few years ago where they print designs on a perforated-sheet of actual LSD Acid Blotter Paper. They look kinda neat when framed & have sort of a political statement automatically attached because of the "drug culture" aspect of the paper. For non-druggies this is the kind of paper drug dealers use to sell LSD. They drip the chemical onto each square & when addicts buy them they tear off some squares. If you don't want a full dose you just tear a piece in half, or a "half hit". Of course these Batman ones don't have the drug dipped on them. They're just for looks.

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