January 26, 2008

Vintage 1970's "Kid in Superman Costume" Family Photo

Our friend Brian sent this very cool vintage photo of himself when he was a little kid in the early 1970's. It's him dressed-up in his Superman superhero outfit. I know it's not "Batman-related" but it's still kinda funny & very cool! Brian wrote, "I'm sending a new photo of myself just for fun. It's me in the Superman costume from the vintage Batman/Superman costume ad that you posted a few days ago. This is from about 1972 or 73 complete with 70's wood paneling and a Spock haircut. :) It looks like they dropped the red shorts portion of the costume by the time I got my hands on one. I know this isn't appropriate for the Bat-Blog since it's not really Batman related. I just thought you might get a kick out of seeing this." Ha Ha Ha, Yes! Thanks for sending this Brian. The old photo and Superman costume are really really great ( I love old pics like this )! I want to invite our readers to e-mail us with their classic photographs, even if they are not Batman-related. ( But, Batman stuff is better, ha ha ). Thanks.

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