January 27, 2008

Pop Artist Stephen Jones Gets Inspiration From Vintage Batman!

A friend at MySpace sent me a link to an artist who gets a lot of inspiration from Batman, especially the golden & silver age era. His name is Stephen Jones & his stuff is pretty cool. His most recent painting is an image taken from the famous Adam West LIFE Magazine cover from 1966. Another piece of art is a Circle Painting ( I think that's called "Tondo" in the art galleries ) with a graphic that looks a lot like Batman & Robin artwork by the Golden Age Comic Book Artist Dick Sprang. The last one, is easy to guess, was totally inspired by the 1966 TV Show ( That one is my favorite! ). Down below is a link where you can check out more of his art. If there are ANY readers who have Batman-related art to share then please send us some links or photos. Also, please leave some comments down below & let us know what you think of his pop art...thanks!
CLICK HERE To Visit The Stephen Jones Gallery of Batman Art!!

1 comment:

ozz said...

That is a crazy Adam West pose, and the artist did a nice job recreating it.