January 29, 2008

MADE IN JAPAN: Vintage 1960's Japanese BATMAN Toys

Oh My God! OK, regular readers of the bat-Blog know that I am totally goo-goo over the 60's Japanese batman Toys, ha ha! Well, here are some amazing examples. The 1st one is a Battery-Operated Tin Toy of a BATMAN TANK, shown in the original box. This is a piece worthy of exhibit at a museum! I seriously love the vintage graphics on the box even though I can understand the Japanese language, at all! The toy is also extremely cool. The next photo are some playing card pieces from an older Menko Game. I really like how the colors are off just enough to avoid copyright laws, ha ha! The last photo are a pair of Batman Books. Ok, they're NOT toys but they are vintage 60's Japan so that's cool!


Won-Tolla said...

That red monster on the last photo kind of looks like Ultra-Seven, doesn't it?


tomztoyz said...

Yes, ha ha! Japanese bootlegs always rip-off popular stuff. I saw some new ones the other day that had the Teletubbies....funny!